The UK MCS Network Provide free independent advice to international and domestic students applying to study in the UK. We are working at the heart of the higher education sector since 2010, and we provide a high level of market-leading portfolio service of undergraduate and postgraduate students and recruitment option. Our aim is to provide unique services that benefit students in the higher education sector, further education and professional bodies as a whole. Our authentic and trustworthy guidance enables the student to reach their goal, and our unique insight helps them to motivate and inspire their study choice thorough out their student life journey. We are working closely with the British Council’s student recruitment guidelines, UK NARIC and other UK higher education and funding bodies and member institutions. Since we are working for a decade, our established position, unparalleled knowledge of student recruitment helps student and educational institution to support a range of key initiative within the higher education recruitment sector. Currently, we are representing and extending our representation to over 150 leading educational institution throughout the globe.

Our student success rate is 96% since we maintain regular and ongoing communication throughout the student life journey that starting from the choice of courses, finance, identifying suitable institution and helping the enrolment process. At UK MCS Network Limited, we are dedicated to checking student’s suitability and quality towards their course and the right institution to achieve the goal.

We encourage students to achieve their success through hard work, integrity and honesty. Our talent bank solution is helping colleges, universities to find suitable student and resort for the international student mobilisation around the globe. We are here to help you imagine your dream and release your talent through education.

Get the endless opportunities and training to prepare for your future.

Who we are?

UK MCS Network was driven by the interests of students to provide them with advice, guidance and choice and to give a voice to the students in their needs and often, a choice, in how they learn and where they can learn. This gives students a stake in choosing from opportunities provided for them. In our experience, educational consultants can be beneficial partners to families who are looking for a place for their family members, especially those with limited English.

UK MCS Network is proud to say that a large number of our education consultants have achieved their qualifications in the United Kingdom. Each participant of our management team has had professional experience in their respective field. Our consultants have an array of knowledge and experiences, as well as holding other academic and professional qualifications, including training course and academically acclaimed qualifications. The staff members we employ outside the UK offices are also very well skilled and highly experienced in managing the problems and challenges faced by international students. A vast number of our students have visited our UK field offices and the institutions that we represent.

Our staff undertake self-assessments, evaluation sessions, and attends regular workshops on improved training methods and policy changes. Taking part in these sessions and workshops enable our staff members to consistently improve their approach, therefore enhance their communication with students, guaranteeing that every student receives the best advice possible.

Diversity is imperative because it's critical for our economy and talent pipeline

Why choose us?

At the UK MCS Network, our motto is influenced by the notion that individuals are powered by a unique desire to study, stimulated by his or her own social and academic background. Our job is to support and cater students in their selection of courses of study and guaranteeing that they are enrolled in the most suitable institutions, founded on their interests and academic record; Allowing our students to meet their goals and aspirations.

The experienced and professional advice we offer will aids the students’ path to success, smoothing out any difficulties and challenges they may face along their academic journey. Our team assist students in recognizing and accomplishing their goals and objectives. The UK MCS network value business ethics, honesty, and pride ourselves in our professional standards to the ultimate conceivable degree. Our expert team can be trusted upon in virtually and physically in every situation, as quality service is what we provide out student with at the UK MCS network.


Prepare for Success. UK MCS Network Ltd. prepares you from both in the classroom and online.


UK MCS Network aims to be a global leader in providing at home and overseas students with the best possible advice by fostering and directing the needs and wants of our students. We expect a continuance of success stories, where clarity and ethics coexist to guide our students to accomplish their goals and fulfil their dreams. We aim to meet our vision by providing satisfaction to motivated students who can positively contribute towards themselves and more important to the world. As they inherently develop innovations and technologies.

You're going to change the world.


Our mission at the UK MCS network is to guarantee that our students with the utmost potential are provided with every opportunity to shape out their route towards achievement. We will achieve this by keeping our student-centric attitude, tailoring our services to each student. The needs and wants of our students come first before anything. 

UK MCS Network Ltd. is committed to becoming a regional leader in diversity and inclusiveness initiatives and the practice of inclusive excellence.


We are constructed upon truthfulness, reliability, dedication, accountability and excellence of delivery. We are honest and effective in the approach we take when dealing with our students and employees, continuously keeping a high level of consideration and respect. We promise to provide a personalised and customised service to suit our students. We are available and flexible for crucial/urgent appointments. 

We are UK MCS Network Ltd.

Our History

We began our journey in 2010, from a small office in the UK out of demand for advice and consternation and student who were confused by an array of course and academic institutions that where available. Let’s face it if you are in a foreign country or even a major city, and even if language isn’t an issue, finding a school that is appropriate to students wants and needs is a daunting task, and this is where we sept in. We realised that supporting and helping students find a place and advising them to suitable guidance we realised our potential after this initial success this led us to register as a company in the UK and then incorporated the company as UK MCS Network LTD. After running successfully for six years in the UK market, we gradually partnership with various high acclaimed academic insinuation who we still have a great relationship.